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You cannot use the portal unless you accept all provisions of these regulations.


Definitions and terms:

Portal —the Internet website;

User —an Internet user visiting/using the portal;

Owner —the portal's owner is the company HeadSoft Ltd with its seat at: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU, UK

Advertisement—a collection of materials published on the portal by the user, which are for information purposes regarding the item or service offered by the user or the wish to acquire a service, or an item by the user.


Terms concerning adding advertisements and content

1.  The owner of the website shall not be liable for the content published by other users of the portal. Advertisements added by the users can contain mistakes and typos.

2.  The owner hereby reserves the right to remove/block advertisements without indicating the reasons.

3.  The owner shall not be liable for the quality, safety or legality of goods or services offered in advertisements, nor for their authenticity or the reliability of their description. The owner shall make every effort to verify the content of advertisements added by the users in order to eliminate illegal activities or activities in violation of the regulations.

4.  The owner hereby reserves the right to suspend/block/remove the user account/advertisement in the case of any violation of these regulations, particularly if the user's advertisement can be considered as spam, an advertisement for competing advertisement websites or if it uses words generally regarded as vulgar or offensive, or if the user's activities shall be deemed as having adverse impact on the portal.

5.  Advertisements must be assigned to the relevant category which is compliant with the advertisement's contents.

6.  In the case the user does not find an appropriate category/subcategory for his or her advertisement, he or she can create a new category and/or subcategory. The suggested category/subcategory shall be verified by the portal administrator. If it is accepted, the advertisement will be activated.

7.  The owner of the portal hereby reserves the right to block the publication of the advertisement if the user adds an advertisement in an unsuitable category or suggests a category, the validity of which would be challenged by the portal administrator.

8.  In the case the user adds an advertisement in a category which does not match its contents or the nature of the advertisement, the portal's owner hereby reserves the right to change the category without informing the user about it.

9.  The owner of the portal hereby reserves the right to block the publication of an advertisement in the case its content:

   a)  is not compliant with the ethical and legal norms of social coexistence which are binding in Poland and in Great Britain;

    b) coerces its recipient into using/buying/reselling items/services which are prohibited by law;

    c) violates the principles of aesthetics and good taste (including names used in e-mail and website addresses as well as photos and films enclosed to advertisements);

    d) has been added many times in the same category or in other categories (also in the case of a slight change of the text in each advertisement);

    e) offers work consisting in: - receiving advertising e-mails; - filling out surveys in the Internet; - enrolling to partnership programmes with links/referral numbers;

    f) offers work as a: model/dancer/extra and includes only an e-mail address;

    g) offends or comments on services, firms, persons;

    h) advertises competing websites, websites serving as an intermediary in sales of services, etc.;

    i) promotes solely websites, Internet shops, blogs;

    j) offers sponsoring, payment for sexual services;

    k) contains sequences of repeated characters and numbers;

    l) urges people to take up work at a particular firm/organisation, while the advertisement's contact details do not include information which would allow for the identification of the particular firm, i.e. a full business name, the name and surname of the person adding the advertisement, the seat's address;

    m) explicitly proposes or in any way suggests leasing a room or a property in return for sexual services.

10. In the case of a breach of at least one of the aforementioned points of the regulations, the portal's owner hereby reserves the right to block the user account and advertisements. In the case of a blockade on paid advertisements, the user waives any claims concerning the payment which was made for them.

11. In the case one advertisement should violate these regulations, the portal's owner hereby reserves the right to block all advertisements by that user, and the user shall be notified about the blockade by way of an automatically generated message or a message sent by the administrator verifying the advertisement. Should the user continue to add advertisements violating regulations, the portal's owner shall have the right to block that account without informing the user about it, and, consequently, limit the user's possibility to use the portal.


Types of advertisements

The owner of the portal hereby reserves the right to change the available types of advertisements, which the user can publish in the portal. The list of available types of advertisements and their current price list, and the capacity of the publication on the portal is available on the “Our offer” subpage.

Payment and activation of advertisements

In the case the user selects a paid advertisement, the portal offers 2 payment operators: DotPay, which offers payments using wire transfers at Polish banks and PayPal, which offers payments with debit and credit cards, as well as other payment methods available through that channel. The transaction currency is pound sterling GBP—payments are made on the part on payment operators.

In the case of a selection of a paid advertisement, the user's advertisement shall be automatically verified and published immediately after the confirmation of the payment by the operator.

In the case of free advertisements, the advertisement activation period can take up to 24 h. The owner of the portal, however, makes all efforts in order to make the advertisement activation process as quick as possible.



The portal imposes the obligation to register an account/user profile for the purpose of management of one's own advertisements, modification of their contents and personal data administration. Registration consists in providing the user's e-mail address and a selected password which will protect the user profile/account. The user will be able to freely modify his or her advertisements and add subsequent ones on the portal using that data.

Account registration can occur automatically during the process of adding the first advertisement by the user. Then, the user will receive an automatically generated password which needs to be changed after the first log-in on the portal.

One e-mail address can be registered only once on the portal.

In the case the password is forgotten, the user can demand a new password to be generated. It will be sent to the user's e-mail address.

The owner of the portal shall make every effort to store user data safely and in compliance with the portal's privacy policy, which constitutes an integral part of these regulations. The privacy policy is published on the portal on the “Privacy policy” subpage.


Translations of advertisements

The portal grants the advertiser the possibility to translate the advertisement into English or Polish, depending on whether the user is using the Polish or the English language version of the portal. The translation of the advertisement's contents allows the user to reach a wider group of recipients.

The portal offers a possibility to translate the user's advertisement into another language for a fee (from Polish into English or from English into Polish) by translators cooperating with the website's owner. In the case the user orders a translation of the advertisement through the portal, the service will be executed within 48 h from the moment the order is placed, and the advertisement will be automatically extended by the time devoted to the translation of the user's advertisement. The current translation price list is included on the “Our offer” subpage. The owner hereby reserves the right to change the translation offer at any time without informing users about it.

The portal's owner makes every effort to ensure that the quality of translations is at the highest level, however the owner shall not be liable for any mistakes which can lead to misunderstanding or not understanding the offer/product/contents included in the advertisement. In the case of any disputes the user has the right to demand relevant amendments to be made in order to improve the quality of the translation.



The portal's owner hereby reserves the right to send notifications connected with the user's advertisement via e-mail or SMS, depending on the type of advertisement.


The portal's owner hereby reserves the right to accept only complaints connected with paid advertisements. The user should state the problem and the reason for the complaint in an e-mail message sent to the address provided at the end of the regulations. The portal's owner reserves the right to respond to each complaint within 7 work days.

Links to other websites

It is forbidden to include links to other websites in the advertisements. The portal's owner hereby reserves the right to automatically remove such links or replace them with a text preventing the use of such links to go to external websites or, in extreme cases, to block advertisements including such links.

Links to the portal

Only links to the main page of the portal can be used. Links which are automatically added on social networking websites such as Facebook after clicking “share” or “like” on the advertisement's/portal's page constitute an exception to that rule. Otherwise, placing links other than those leading to the main page of the portal requires a written consent of the owner.


These regulations can be amended at any time and the user is obliged to get acquainted with those changes. The regulations are published on the portal and contain the date of the last modification.

We do not guarantee that the system will be available at any level, and maintenance breaks can occur without notifying the users. The owner shall make every effort to ensure that maintenance breaks and system updates take place during the night when the Internet traffic is the lowest.

Contact details


20-22 Wenlock Road

London, N1 7GU



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